MacGRADE Centre Training Modules

GRADE Overview:

The following learning modules provide a complete overview of the GRADE approach. One set of training videos has been prepared for authors of Cochrane and other systematic reviews, and the other set of videos for WHO and other guideline developers. Each module covers a specific topic related to GRADE and can be viewed in sequence or in any order. The videos open in a new tab.

Cochrane and Other Sytematic Reviews

Guideline Development

GRADE and Guideline Development: Introductory Training Videos

The short training videos below provide an overview of the guideline development process, question generation, and use of the GRADE approach in guidelines.

Watch in full screen and high definition for best viewing.

Advanced Training Videos: Evidence Profiles, Evidence-to-Decision Framework, Strength of Recommendations

These training videos are relevant for the later steps of the guideline development project and describe how the GRADE approach is used for summarizing the evidence in Evidence Profiles, formulating recommendations using the Evidence-to-Decision (EtD) framework, and rating the strength of the recommendations.

Additional Resources:

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